Currently Closed

Temporary Closure

Firstly we apologize for any inconviences this may cause.


Since December I have had a family tragedy really take its toll on my time, energy and routine, over the past two months it’s been incredibly difficult for me to find time and energy to work Pins’N’Hoise between hospital commutes, the passing of my father, and now relocating my life to another town.

As you know Pins’N’Hoise is a solo operation, I pick and pack orders, I keep the websites stocked as well as answering all your questions on sizing and fittings.

You all have been incredibly understanding,  and I’m going to ask for just a little more patience while I take the time to mourn and re-adjust.

Thank you ladies
Pins’N’Hoise service will resume as my routine resumes by March 1st


Love Fuzz