Our Sizing



Going through our site you will have noticed the terms Queen and Diva used for sizing, this is simply our way of breaking the mold of labeling real women in horrendous numbers such as 3XL-6XL.
We do not believe Sexy and confident should have a Number, but if you are a little confused which size you are, here is a little help.
Queen is Australian size 16-20
Diva is Australia size 20-24
We also have sizing that is multi size because our lingerie is made from high quality stretch lingerie mesh and lace.
We know that no two bodies are one perfect size or shape so our products are designed to fit perfectly
And because we believe that all women are beautiful whether you have a little extra or a little less, we can order almost any of our products in smaller sizes.
Every woman has the right to feel sexy and confident, no matter her size.